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We believe that digital platforms should empower and enhance an organisation. We believe that technical experts should be great to work with, and possess solution-oriented, positive attitudes. We take a laser focus on what we do and how we do it. We do not seek to be a one-stop digital shop, opting to concentrate on development, technology, security and consultation.

We help businesses and organisations transform their existing digital products or launch brand new ones. We work in partnership to deliver customer-centric solutions, push technology boundaries and deliver value at speed through agility.

We keep our sights firmly on delivering excellence, underpinned with an ethos of continuous improvement. We’re proud of our commitment to quality, our code standards, our processes and testing rigour.

Founder & Director

Steering the ship for Mainstay Digital is director Matthew McLean (Matt).
With over 15 years in the industry, his experience cross many industry sectors and facets of the digital landscape, from micro campaigns to enterprise application development He’s had the privilege of delivering projects and delivering digital lives for client of all sizes across corporate, not-for-profit and Government sectors.

Get in touch for practical, relevant advice on website or applications development and ongoing management.

Recent work

Live for Lily Foundation

Charitable organisation Live for Lily required a fully featured digital platform to raise funds for cancer research. Their need was to showcase campaigns, facilitating event donations for their Butterfly Ball, provide a platform for the riders of their annual “Ride for Lily” event to crowd-fund, share with their networks, and promote their collective and individual campaigns  – and that was exactly what we built for them.

Mainstay Digital Team

Mainstay Digitial comprises of a brilliant crew of digital specialists with a range of complementary cross-disciplinary skillsets. Our team includes full stack developers, front-end specialists, back-end / PHP experts, JS aficionados, Laravel lovers, WordPress gurus, experienced project management (waterfall, agile and hybrid), meticulous test analysts and Support ninjas.

Workflow is divided into Support / Maintenance and Projects. Teams are allocated based on project requirements and best-fit skill-sets. For smaller projects, a single developer may be allocated along with a digital producer. For mid-sized projects, typically a 4 member structure will be in place: a technical team lead, a developer, a dedicated tester and digital producer. Larger projects usually reflect a scaled version of the mid-size structure, and are subject to requirements and timelines.


Our values underpin our work, approach and thinking. 



To think, act and work with integrity means for these things to come from a place of honesty and truth.  In many ways, there is little which could be more important.


Quality can be difficult to define, yet we each have a personal concept of it. If our attitude places Quality as the benchmark of our work then inevitably it shines through – and the proof is in the pudding.


Being truly dependable means to be consistently be there, to do what you say you will do, and to be trusted. Dependability is often implicitly valued. This is something we strive for.


Transparency is really a form of honesty (which in turn is Integrity). In practical terms this means we strive to educate, inform and communicate in ways which seek to clarify and “shine a light”. In practical terms, this goes for our methodologies, practices, processes, communications, attitudes, scoping and costings.


Where are we without respect?
Respect is about others. By respecting another’s beliefs, attitudes and person, we empower ourselves and each other. If we’re coming from a place of mutual respect, then we can build trust and honesty.

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