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Craft sets a new leading worldwide standard for content management systems. CraftCMS is a back-end solution, taking out unnecessary development or “building from scratch” core features typical of content management systems such as template PHP structures, content management, user management and administration. Built on PHP, Craft provides the backend ready and available to develop the front end to meet business needs and requirements. This means that highly customised designs can be readily applied to the platform without needing to alter or attempt to work with pre-set themes or layouts.

CraftCMS is a flexible, robust, highly customisable and performance oriented system which can be evolved over time. As an open-source platform, it means that a global community of developers exists to support it, along with the original company who developed it. In addition, user-centricity is not limited to external audiences, it also applies to website management. Administration is simple to use and learn, and is highly configurable. We adhere to strict coding best practices and release cycles to ensure performance of the site, security and robust upgrades or enhancements.

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Craft Commerce has emerged as global leader in open-source eCommerce CMS solutions. Finally – a fully-featured, completely customisable, awesomely coded eCommerce engine which performs.

In the same way CraftCMS provides the backend infrastructure, Craft Commerce is the eCommerce engine to manage products, categories, users, shipping, transactions, promotions, subscriptions and integrations.

Craftcommerce is easily our number #1 recommendation for bespoke, custom designed and built eCommerce websites.

Recent work

Inke Packaging

A new comer to the market, Inke is  making waves with their custom packaging solutions and purely web-based business.

The new website boasts full integration with their API and product pricing matrix, dynamic content, custom built content management and amazing performance on enterprise level Craft Commerce CMS.

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