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Laravel is a Web Application Framework, and one of the most popular widely-used globally. Based on PHP, Laravel provides a set of developer “tools” and functionality which offers a standardized and full-featured platform for high performing web applications.

It’s elegant, beautifully crafted and relatively simple to use as the basis for development. Due to their lean nature, Laravel applications are usually very fast and performance-oriented.

What is a framework?

A web application framework (WAF) is essentially a set of “pre-built” or standard functionality and code, which developers may use selectively or customise, or use in conjunction with custom code. Frameworks are designed to create efficiencies, promote the reuse of code, and take the heavy lifting or rote work out of development.

When to build with Laravel

Probably the biggest advantage of building with Laravel is that applications can be built from the ground up. This means there’s no unnecessary code or functionality, and features can be built fit for purpose. Its flexibility means Laravel lends itself well to Agile builds, as features are easily iterated and prioritised. Although Laravel could be used for just about anything, some examples of types of applications which Laravel suits include:

> Membership platforms
> Online tools
> eLearning
> Anywhere user registration or authentication required to access content
> Streaming services
> Directories and search engines
> Events management
> Charts and visualisation tools
> Wikis and knowledge bases / information repositories
> Forums and social media
> Website administration
> Integration with 3rd party platforms

Key features of Laravel

Laravel has a plethora of features “out of the box” for developers to use. Some of these include:

> Automated database creation, migration and skeleton code creation
> Object-oriented and modular libraries
> Super robust standard security
> Front-end template engine, for ease of content seeding
> An “eco-system” of administrative and functional tools (see screenshot below)

Laravel “ecosystem”


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