Live for Lily Foundation

Peer to peer fundraising

and campaign platform


Live for Lily required a fully featured digital platform to raise funds for cancer research. We developed a new website to showcase campaigns, drive donations and provide a crowd funding platform for the riders of their annual “Ride for Lily” event.

  • Some quick facts you may not know about childhood cancer
  • Cancer kills three children every week in Australia, more than any other disease
  • More than 1000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year
  • For every 10 children diagnosed, two don’t survive.
    Most children suffer long-term or life-long issues as a result from treatment

Based on these facts alone, Cancer research is critical, both to to understand the disease better and to develop treatments.

Live for Lily Foundation

Live for Lily is a not-for-profit organisation which raises awareness and funds that go towards children’s cancer research in Australia. In partnership with JMAcreative, we’ve had the privilege of working with them for the past few years.

Live for Lily’s fundraising has contributed towards enormously important research work, for instance:

  • Understanding the disease better, such as identification of the molecular basis of cancer
  • Identifying new, targeted therapies for cancers
    Pre-clinical testing and trials
  • Developing and delivering personalised treatment plans, as every child’s cancer is unique

As part of the foundation’s efforts, a team of riders undertake the annual “Ride for Lily” event. In 2022 alone, they smashed their $200,000 target and raised over $300,000, and have raised over 1.1m to date.

Evolving in Digital

Live for Lily’s first iteration of the website served an initial purpose, however it was manual, clunky and relied on Woocommerce to take donations. They needed a more sophisticated solution, a more fit-for-purpose platform which could facilitate their annual events, sponsorships and public donations.

In partnership with JMA, we designed a cost-effective solution which combined memberships, crowdfunding and donations which would enable the organisation to leverage the networks and supporters of their participants.

Powerful new platform, new features, promising future

The new platform sought to provide a seamless experience for both website administration, donors, and event participants (such as the riders for their annual Ride for Lily).

  • Riders can register, create a profile, share their profile with social media and take donations against their individual profiles
  • Riders can either be “self funded” or attract sponsors
  • Donations can be made to either riders or direct to the charity
  • Each ride is setup as a standalone “campaign”, with its own landing pages, registration process, rider profiles, and donations are tracked and recorded according to each campaign
  • A dynamic “Leaderboard” showcases riders and amounts raised
  • Users can donate to riders and a specific campaign (such as a ride of their fundraising ball) or the organisation directly
  • Other events are showcased and promoted such as the annual “Butterfly Ball”.
  • Flexible content management for future campaigns, events, and to tell Live for Lily’s story as it unfolds

Each year, the Live for Lily Foundation goes from strength to strength, even in spite of a global pandemic. The organisation now has a flexible, robust web platform which can be utilised as-is for future fundraising events, or evolved to incorporate new avenues, activities and initiatives.


“The team at the Mainstay have been a massive support to the Live for Lily Foundation, in the design and roll out of our new website, the implementation of an improved E-mail server, and general all round assistance of all our information technology needs. Mainstay Digital is extremely responsive to our requests and their service is second to none in ensuring our requirements are met and the performance of our site is optimal and secure.”



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