Ensure your website is built the right way. Don’t risk costly rebuilds, difficult site admin, future bug fixes and breakages, insecure data or poor performance.

We develop future proof, robust, cleanly coded, upgradable websites built to evolve with your business. Here at Mainstay Digital we have an ethos and core company value of doing what we do very well.




Built for longevity

Our websites and applications are built for the long term. This means that although the digital landscape may be evolving rapidly, our products have the robust architecture, in-built flexibility, scalability and best practice code to evolve as your business does.

We have a firm conviction that you should not be having to rebuild every 1 – 2 years – your digital platform should have been built as future-proofed as possible, and that new features, layouts, designs, campaigns or upgrades be needed, it’s straightforward, and that your investment continues to see years of return.

Best coding and web development practices

Time and again we encounter legacy websites and systems which were badly, inefficiently, or lazily implemented. Spaghetti-code situations with cross dependencies which make upgrades next to impossible.

Our development takes a best-practice approach, with a focus on clean, logical, documented code. Our tight-knit local team ensures continual quality, with tried and tested open-source tech stacks.

We love lean, intuitive, intelligent systems! This means for future, upgrades and scalability is enhanced, whilst risk and cost is reduced.

Ease of management and administration

Whether you’re building in WordPress, Craft, or a custom React or Laravel application, we bring together simplicity, intuition and flexibility to ongoing management for your web team. We’ll configure administration and management of content, articles, users, transactions or products to whatever level of granular management is required – and give you training if you need it.

“The team at Mainstay have been a massive support to the Live for Lily Foundation, in the design and roll out of our new website, the implementation of an improved email server, and general all round assistance of all our information technology needs. They’re responsive to our requests and service is second to none in ensuring our requirements are met and the performance of our site is optimal and secure.”

Philip Martins - Director and Chief Financial Officer, Live for Lily Foundation


Big or small, we strive to build awesome relationships with our clients. Here’s a handful that we’ve had the privilege of working with.


We offer 12 month warranty on projects, as well as a money back guarantee period to prove our ability, give you peace of mind, and zero risk.


End-to-end projects

We’re there from idea inception through to launch, helping you gather requirements, scope features, design & UX, building, testing, launch and training and support.

New features & functionality

Perhaps just your homepage and navigation needs a refresh, or you have a backlog of ideas to implement. We’ll help you plan, prioritise, execute and measure over the long term.

Systems integration

Integrating and automating business operations means greater efficiencies and productivity. Bring together your siloed systems for seamless data flow.

Legacy issues & refactoring

Old, archaic or poorly built websites can be a business’s Achilles heal. That doesn’t mean old projects need to thrown out – sometimes it just means rebuilding to modern code standards.

Headless WordPress

For custom builds, especially where multiple content platforms are involved, Headless WordPress with a React front end can mean powerful scalability.


Now one of the worlds most popular page builders, Divi is our choice for clients who want a high level of control over page styling, content and ongoing management.

Website security

Web and data security is built into our development, our internal processes and our ongoing support and maintenance service. It’s a passion and key aspect of what we do.

Website Performance

Traffic retention, SEO and great UX all need a fast and responsive site. We’ll optimise it to the nth degree to ensure it’s performing to potential.

Fully responsive

Whether it’s a WordPress build or custom application, we optimise for usability and interaction no matter what device – and comprehensively tested across all use cases.


Christians Against Poverty


Donation page rebuild for improved user experience and conversion optimisation.

Improved security and performance.

Bolstered hosting and server environment for site performance during event donation drives.



CMS and frameworks to match real business needs.



Global leader in open source CMS platform. Flexible, scalable, robust. Extensive plugins and themes. No license fees (excludes some plugins). Leverage page builders such as Divi for ease of content management.

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Craft CMS

Lightweight, performance oriented back-end system. Built for custom web and application solutions. Low-cost annual licensing. Open source, supported by an excellent development company. A  clean, intuitive administration interface.

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Frameworks such as Laravel and Angular are excellent for highly customised digital products or applications as they are built from the ground up, and leverage pre-built code bases. Often best suited for Agile development environments where features may be iterated.

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Python is a versatile, powerful open-source scripting language, and amazing for augmenting functionality or automating processes. At Mainstay, it’s a staple for integrating systems, manipulating and calculations.

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React & React Native

React is one of the most globally embraced Javascript libraries for building custom applications. It’s super performance-oriented, scalable and developer friendly with a global community.

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Applications built on HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperatibility Resources (FHIR) facilitate the capture, storage and transfer of health related data and adhere to global standards.


We design and build digital products of all shapes and sizes. Website and application development often requires a flexible approach to the process.

Some phases may be linear, some may run concurrently, or the project may call for an Agile approach.

Each project is unique, and so are our relationships.

Depending on your organisational or project needs, projects may be managed in a variety of forms – fixed price/scope, agile/sprint based, dedicated resources, or time and materials.

We work with our clients and strategic partners to create beautiful user experiences; robust, functional and practical products, and achieve positive, meaningful outcomes.

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Web Development

For projects, we work with you to define a brief, requirements and scope of work. We'll then provide you with a thorough Estimate or Proposal outlining all costs in detailed line-items.
Yes, absolutely! And we do regularly. Whether you have in-house designers or developers, or other agencies (such as creative or digital marketing) we collaborate with everyone.
Depending on the size and complexity of your project, typically a project team structure will include a dedicated project manager, front end and back end developers, a test analyst.
Absolutely! No job is too small. We love small projects as well as a means to getting to know our clients in the early days, building trust and great working relationships.
We provide 12 month warranty for fixed-scope projects, as well as exit-points from projects (in the highly unlikely event you're just not happy with something).
Our head office is in Torquay, Victoria, and our team is located across Geelong, Melbourne and Perth.
No, we don't. Our team is 100% located within Australia.
You bet we do. Support and maintenance is one of our core services. See the our Support and Maintenance pages for more detail.


1. Get in touch

Arrange your free 20 minute discovery session at a time that best suits you.

2. Tell us about you

Explore business and project requirements, goals and what you're looking to achieve.

3. FREE audit

We review your existing site or application at a code level and provide a comprehensive report.

4. Plan and GO

With a roadmap in place, work with our team to evolve, advance and grow your business.


We’ll happily arrange a time for a call or meet, provide you with a scope of work and estimate, or give you some expert advice.


Website Development

Future proof, robust, cleanly coded, upgradable websites built to evolve with your business. 

Australian WordPress Support

Let us help with fixes, updates, new features, performance, security, migrations and much more.


Web apps & Custom development

Product development and MVPs. Lean, built-for-purpose applications.

Website Maintenance

Website support, ongoing maintenance,
performance optimisation and security.

Website Hosting

Hosting packages tailored to your needs. Email migration & account setup.

Website Accessibility

Accessibility audits & implementation. Adhere to WCAG standards for your audiences.

Discovery and Requirements

Define objectives, explore requirements, engage stakeholders and develop your specification.


Flexible, scalable websites for business.


Enterprise CMS, custom development,
unrivalled eCommerce.

React & React Native

High performance, built-for-purpose web apps and mobile apps.

Python Development

Custom scripting for automating processes, augmenting applications and data integration.


Beautiful code, immaculate architecture, rapid development.