Ongoing website care for Australian organisations and business.

Mainstay Digital undertakes ongoing behind-the-scenes maintenance of your site to ensure it’s  patched, secure and humming.

“Maintenance” means ongoing CMS core updates, plugin and theme updates, database optimisation, security and performance optimisation. It’s a proactive service.




Ensuring your CMS, plugins and services are kept up to date is critical both from a security and a performance point of view. Websites can become very susceptible to hacks and vulnerabilities if they are allowed to degrade over time, particularly WordPress. Upgrades, updates and patches are constantly released to protect against such vulnerabilities. Ongoing maintenance and patching is an insurance policy to protect your digital assets.

Experienced, expert team

We have deep experience team-wide, from senior engineers through to junior developers, dedicated to ensuring your  site is maintained and operating  optimally. 

No lock in contracts

Ongoing maintenance needs can change, so we don’t lock you in to unnecessary or over-priced retainers. Pay as you go for only what you need.

Active monitoring

We actively monitor all websites under our care, with automated tools as well  as  weekly checks. This includes CMS core, plugins, themes and server resource  usage.

Ongoing reporting

We provide quarterly analysis reports which include  all maintenance actions  from the quarter, along with recommendations.

Stay Secure

From the outset,  we undertake a range of best-practice web security measures to keep your data (and your customer’s) safe. Coupled with ongoing maintenance, monitoring and reporting, your website is in safe hands.

Performance Optimised

We ensure your website is optimised for the fastest load times possible. This means a better user experience  and better  PageSpeed scores,  important for SEO.

“The team at Mainstay have been a massive support to the Live for Lily Foundation, in the design and roll out of our new website, the implementation of an improved email server, and general all round assistance of all our information technology needs. They’re responsive to our requests and service is second to none in ensuring our requirements are met and the performance of our site is optimal and secure.”

Philip Martins - Director and Chief Financial Officer, Live for Lily Foundation


Just a few of the amazing clients we have the  privilege of working with day in, day out to keep their sites  running optimally. 


We offer 12 month warranty on projects, as well as a money back guarantee period to prove our ability, give you peace of mind, and zero risk.


Ongoing maintenance

Maintenance refers to patching and updates for CMS or server applications; plugins, themes or core; as well security and performance. We take a proactive approach to monitoring, reporting and providing recommendations.

  • Maintenance is scheduled in accordance with business and website needs. Typically weekly checks and monitoring are conducted with patching to be scheduled either fortnightly, monthly or prior to the end of each quarter i.e Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 depending on site needs
  • Quarterly maintenance report provided with summary of actions & recommendations for additional performance, security or general improvements
  • If any updates are deemed risky to site functionality, updates will be undertaken on staging and tested prior to deployment
  • Time is billed only for what is accrued. In the event more time may be required, we’ll seek approval before commencing additional work

Website maintenance packages? 

No, we don’t do ongoing packages. All sites are different – simpler or more complex, which means needs vary. For instance, some complex  sites may need staging and testing before deploying upgrades. Or, a basic site may only need minimal maintenance occasionally. This is why websites under our care a maintained on an as-needs basis. And there’s no need to be paying for maintenance you don’t actually need.  All of our sites are monitored weekly and updates are scheduled an actioned accordingly.

Stay Secure 

Maintenance is key aspect of ensuring your site and data (and your  customer’s) is kept secure. Keeping up to date with every plugin, theme, and CMS core release means vulnerabilities can be patched and risks mitigated. It also means that we can take a closer and manual look at any other suspect activity, such as spam users, infected code or other breaches.

Optimise for performance

We implement a range of measures to ensure your site is operating at peak performance. Minification of scripts, caching, image compression and code optimisation means your site will hum with an increased PageSpeed score. 


Let us take a look under the hood of your website. We’ll take a look at how it’s been built, find any “watch outs”, gauge security and performance, and provide an analysis report with recommendations.


State Trustees


We work closely with  the  State Trustees marketing team to implement new features, functionality and campaign initiatives, as well as their IT department to manage website maintenance, security and performance optimisation. 

We also play a key role in technical consultation, hosting architecture and development/release cycles. 


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4. Plan and GO

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We’ll happily arrange a time for a call or meet, provide you with a scope of work and estimate, or give you some expert advice.


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