Support and development.

Reliable, local expertise exactly when you need it.

Need support for your Laravel based application or website? We provide our clients with ongoing, reliable and exceptionally affordable website support, delivered under highly competitive turnaround policies.

Let us help with fixes, updates, new features, performance, security, integrations and much more.




Working with us means you have a highly technical, expert development team at your fingertips, to engage as you need ad-hoc or to work together on a daily basis. Here’s what you can expect from Mainstay Digital’s development team:

Great to work with

We’re a great crew, and like to keep it real. Friendly and professional, we aim to build long term working relationships with our clients as trusted their partners.

Laravel experts

Deep experience team-wide, from senior engineers through to junior developers in the Laravel framework.

Rapid response

Rapid communications, responses and timely updates are a key factor in our top-notch service delivery.


We work hard to keep our rates some of the most competitive in the industry, and to constantly deliver value, whatever your budget.

Strictly in-house

Australian owned and operated, based in Geelong, Melbourne and Perth. Our team is all local, no offshore, and we work with clients across the country.

No lock in contracts

In-built flexibility with all of our services, from MVP development through to maintenance and support, you’re always free to choose your own direction.


If you’re experiencing:

Unsustainable fees or retainers from existing providers

Poor communications from their agency, freelancer or offshore team

Quality of deliverables is sub-par, buggy or missing deadlines

Struggling to get things done internally

Not getting the technical expertise, rationale or direction you need

You needn’t be. Think of us like your own trusted team, there to fix, build, enhance and evolve your websites, apps and software – without the fixed overheads or “red tape” of in-house IT or development.

It makes sense that you should have your own on-call crew, who understand how your business operates, work with your teammates, who can communicate with internal stakeholders and you can rely on.


App fixes & remediation

Have a wish list a mile long? New features, improved performance, bugfixes – let us take it on and make you smile.

New features & functionality

We can scope out improvements, provide technical guidance and implement new functionality or a new initiative.


Ensure your application is patched, up to date, secure and humming. See our Maintenance page for full details on how we manage your site.

Legacy issues & refactoring

Perhaps your site just wasn’t built right the first time. We can undertake a code assessment and refactor spaghetti code, or rebuild functionality cleanly from scratch.

Technical support

Contact our tireless support crew for help with bug fixes, website administration, content updates – and we operate under highly competitive SLAs.


Ensure your app and data are highly secure and safe. We provide security audits, reports and implement a wide range of security measures based on your needs.


We also host and maintain many of our Support clients. See our Website Hosting page for full details on a tailored hosting solution for your site.

Content updates

Need an extra pair of hands or some help with content updates? Just get in touch via


Traffic retention, SEO and great UX all need a fast and responsive site. We’ll optimise it to the nth degree to ensure it’s performing to potential.


If something stops working after we’ve completed the work, we’ll fix it free of charge. We also provide 12 months warranty on new web projects.


Laravel is a Web Application Framework, and one of the most popular. Based on PHP, Laravel provides a set of developer “tools” and functionality which offers a standardized and full-featured platform for high performing web applications. 
For projects, we work with you to define a brief, requirements and scope of work. We'll then provide you with a thorough Estimate or Proposal outlining all costs in detailed line-items.
You bet we do. Support and maintenance is one of our core services. See the our Support and Maintenance pages for more detail.
No we don't. We believe there should be no wasted dollars on unused monthly support hours. For this reason, we bill only for what's used, and therefore only for what you need.
Support requests can be submitted to A ticket is then raised with a unique ID. Communications and pertinent information is then all captured on the individual task.
No. None at all. If you're unhappy with anything, you're under no obligation to continue with our website support services.
Yes, absolutely! And we do regularly. Whether you have in-house designers or developers, or other agencies (such as creative or digital marketing) we collaborate with everyone.
We provide 12 month warranty for fixed-scope projects, as well as exit-points from projects (in the highly unlikely event you're just not happy with something).
Our head office is in Geelong, Victoria, and our team is located across Geelong, Melbourne and Perth.
No, we don't. Our team is 100% located within Australia.


Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis

Melbourne University undertook a study to investigate how lifestyle recommendations delivered through an online learning platform affect
With specific course requirements, including the ability for replication and scaling globally, we developed a set of features and custom built the course from the ground up using the Laravel framework.


Big or small, we strive to build awesome relationships with our clients. Here’s a handful that we’ve had the privilege of working with.

“The team at Mainstay have been a massive support to the Live for Lily Foundation, in the design and roll out of our new website, the implementation of an improved email server, and general all round assistance of all our information technology needs. They’re responsive to our requests and service is second to none in ensuring our requirements are met and the performance of our site is optimal and secure.”

Philip Martins – Director and Chief Financial Officer, Live for Lily Foundation


Ongoing support is one of core service offerings. It’s with this team that many day-to-day problems are solved and we form fantastic long term relationships with our clients. The emphasis is on rapid communications, turnarounds and quality.

For many of our clients, we work as a fully integrated extension of their team.

If you’re looking for a new development partner, it’s also a great place to start. Resolving legacy issues, auditing and improving systems, making small but effective enhancements is a core service of Mainstay, and often an ideal place to kickstart a great working relationship.

All support and maintenance services are governed by SLAs, underpinning our commitment to respond quickly, and our transparent approach ensures there are no hidden costs or prohibitive fees.


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Arrange your free 20 minute discovery session at a time that best suits you.
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Arrange your free 20 minute discovery session at a time that best suits you.
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We’ll happily arrange a time for a call or meet, provide you with a scope of work and estimate, or give you some expert advice.


Website Development

Future proof, robust, cleanly coded, upgradable websites built to evolve with your business. 

Australian WordPress Support

Let us help with fixes, updates, new features, performance, security, migrations and much more.


Web apps & Custom development

Product development and MVPs. Lean, built-for-purpose applications.

Website Maintenance

Website support, ongoing maintenance,
performance optimisation and security.

Website Hosting

Hosting packages tailored to your needs. Email migration & account setup.

Website Accessibility

Accessibility audits & implementation. Adhere to WCAG standards for your audiences.

Discovery and Requirements

Define objectives, explore requirements, engage stakeholders and develop your specification.


Flexible, scalable websites for business.


Enterprise CMS, custom development,
unrivalled eCommerce.

React & React Native

High performance, built-for-purpose web apps and mobile apps.

Python Development

Custom scripting for automating processes, augmenting applications and data integration.


Beautiful code, immaculate architecture, rapid development.