Inke Packaging

Set for exponential growth on Craft Commerce


Inke Packaging are industry leaders. They wholesale supply custom-designed packaging to businesses across the country. Their digital platform and online marketplace is the cornerstone of the business and operations.

In their own words: “Inke is the marketplace that connects thousands of users with Australian manufactures and graphic designers so that you can manage your brands’ packaging as we like to say, on your own terms.”

Their legacy website was built on WordPress, with the Woocommerce plugin managing all ecommerce aspects of the platform. The first iteration of the site had proved the business model, generated a strong based of customers, and helped Inke establish itself as a brand. However, with a plugin as the backbone of the business (Woo), the technical architecture, base platform and CMS was simply too limiting, not scalable.

With plans to reimagine the overall design and customer experience, there was a prime opportunity to rebuild the platform for scalability.

A new technical architecture and platform

With scalability and performance in mind, we opted for the lean-yet-robust Craft platform, coupled with Craft Commerce. This meant we were able to utilise the core features of Craft as a PHP-based content management system and the base ecommerce features of Craft Commerce such as user accounts, inventory, cart and checkout, transactions. From there, we customised functionality and built the front end from the ground up, meaning it was cleanly coded, built-for-purpose and ready to scale.

New design and customer experience

Inke had a clear vision for the next iteration of the business, and undertook ownership of the new UX and design. Across several workshops we worked with the Inke team to refine wireframes, features, priorities, then the design itself. We broke the project into clear phases and timelines, with an in-built agile approach to shifting priorities and iterating features.

New features and functionality

  • Fully integrated with; Shipping price custom matrix calculator; product pricing Automation.
  • Custom user dashboard
  • Custom products; range of variated products
  • Content blocks for management
  • Artwork submission
  • A host of logic and smarts behind the forms
  • SEO integration

Where to from here?

With a new robust, flexible and scalable platform in place, Inke continues to grow and to push into new sectors. From, the business and website is in an ongoing state of optimisation and refinement, and is focusing on continually improving the customer experience, innovating, and streamlining processes. Inke simply goes from strength to strength.


“The results of the project have been fantastic; the website is operating very well and we haven’t had any issues with it. We also saw an increase in customers and revenue, allowing us to improve our business month-over-month (MoM)…Mainstay were easy to work with, and they were good communicators.”




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