Flexible, scalable websites for business

WordPress needs little introduction. As the world’s most popular CMS platform, it continues to prove itself as a robust, flexible and scalable CMS time and time again. WordPress can be used in myriad of business applications, from simple information sites to fully fledged, integrated systems for enterprise.


Ease of use

The WordPress administration / back end is intuitive and simple to use. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned website and content manager, administering websites are straightforward – provided your development team has built your site well and set it up for ease of use! The user interface is simple and managing content, menus, users, SEO, orders, customers, members (depending on business) is easy.

Open source

“Open source” means the source code is publicly available and free. This is true for WordPress, and means that the platform has a global community of users and developers. Such a community means that WordPress has enjoyed contributions from developers all over the world for many years, and there is little functionality – in the form of extensions and plugins – which does not exist “off the shelf” now in some form.

Scalable and extensible

WordPress can be used for micro sites and landing pages through to enterprise-level business websites. The extensive plugins available in part make this possible, but also the granular control and ability for developers to script and build custom functionality means that powerful systems can be built from the ground up, on top of the base CMS code. Learn more about Headless WordPress.

eCommerce, memberships, transactions

Although not a dedicated eCommerce system, with its high level of flexibility WordPress can be customised for many commercial purposes. For more traditional retail-oriented purposes the Woocommerce extension is an excellent option, but also a huge range of plugins exist to manage memberships, paid content, events, donations and all manner of product or service based business.

Page builders and themes

Off the shelf themes and plugin page builders such as Divi (our preference) now mean that more power is placed in the user’s hands to create layouts and designs – and manage pages and content – without necessarily having coding and development skills. These solutions do come with some caveats however – they are not always the best solution and should be considered against business requirements.

Some considerations with WordPress

WordPress, although exceptionally flexible, customisable and powerful, it is not always the ideal platform and other CMS or frameworks may be better suited for your project. See our Craft and Laravel pages for some background on other techology alternatives. There’s some additional considerations: it’s very important to keep WordPress websites maintained regularly for performance and security reasons; only reputable and widely used plugins and themes should be used; no custom development should occur without ensuring it’s independent of WordPress core and other plugins (otherwise it’s likely future breakages will occur) so best-practice coding should be employed; and although WordPress core is free, there are license costs associated with most reputable plugins.


Let us take a look under the hood of your website. We’ll take a look at how it’s been built, find any “watch outs”, gauge security and performance, and provide an analysis report with recommendations.


State Trustees


We work closely with  the  State Trustees marketing team to implement new features, functionality and campaign initiatives, as well as their IT department to manage website maintenance, security and performance optimisation. 

We also play a key role in technical consultation, hosting architecture and development/release cycles. 


Big or small, we strive to build awesome relationships with our clients. Here’s a handful that we’ve had the privilege of working with.

“The team at Mainstay have been a massive support to the Live for Lily Foundation, in the design and roll out of our new website, the implementation of an improved email server, and general all round assistance of all our information technology needs. They’re responsive to our requests and service is second to none in ensuring our requirements are met and the performance of our site is optimal and secure.”

Philip Martins - Director and Chief Financial Officer, Live for Lily Foundation


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Flexible, scalable websites for business.


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